Young Boy Killed by Pitbull Dog Bite in California

A pitbull attack in California ended tragically for a 2-year-old boy who has died as the result of pitbull dog bites. The pitbulls who bit the child belonged to the child’s own family, who live in the city of Concord inside Contra Costa County.

The pitbull attack involved five pitbulls, three of whom lived inside the garage of the home. At around 8:45 on Thursday morning, the young boy somehow opened the door to the family’s garage, setting three pitbulls loose into the yard. The dogs swiftly attacked the 2-year-old, biting him, and were then joined by two other dogs from an adjoining yard.

The boy was severely injured from the dog bites and was taken to a hospital, where unfortunately he was pronounced dead. According to reports, three others were home at the time of the pitbull attack, including two adults.

The toddler’s grandfather, Steven Hayashi, was arrested on charges of child endangerment and possession of an animal which resulted in death.

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