Woman Found Dead in Machine at Food Processing Plant

An employee of Golden Gate Foods was found dead in a piece of automated equipment at the company’s plant.  The forty-year-old woman had apparently been dead for some time inside the building, which is located in the city of Industry.  Los Angeles Sheriff Detectives received the early morning call about the incident and arrived at 640 6th Avenue, the location of the Golden Gate Food facility, at 8 a.m.  Investigators believe that there was no real foul play involved and are trying to determine the  root cause of the accident itself.

Indeed, the question of what happened to the employee would be a very valid one.  Not only would it give answers to relatives seeking closure, it allows them to seek financial damages if the death was caused by negligence.  For example, was this particular piece of equipment known to be dangerous?  Did the plant fail to protect workers from potential harm by providing reasonable safeguards or teaching them how to use the machines properly?  If an investigation proves that the plant did not provide instruction or operate according to OSHA regulation the surviving family could file a wrongful death claim against them.

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