Titanium Fire in Los Angeles Causes Personal Injury to Firefighters

An industrial titanium fire in Los Angeles that made its way through a commercial building group has seriously affected Los Angeles Fire Department personnel. Right now, at least 3 firefighters have sustained some type of injury while battling the blaze.

The titanium fire started at United Alloys, a Los Angeles company that performs titanium processing and recycling. The East Slauson Avenue building first became enflamed around 11:45 on Tuesday night, and eventually was covered completely by the titanium fire.

More than 200 firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department were involved in fighting the fire. Los Angeles firefighters faced countless unanticipated obstacles in their efforts. Chemicals in the building caused explosions that could not be controlled, and water could not be used to succumb the flames.

According to last reports, three firefighters have been injured in the Los Angeles titanium fire.

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