Research indicates that Cerritos has the Worst Air Quality in the Nation

The EPA has released a study which reveals that a Cerritos neighborhood near the Santa Ana Freeway ranks as the nations worst in air quality, putting area residents at risk for serious personal injury. This study is significant since  continual exposure to contaminated air is proven to cause dangerous and sometimes life threatening forms of cancer.

The neighborhood borders an industrial zone which may be the culprit for producing a cancer risk that is as high as 1,200 in a million.  The average cancer risk is 75 and 100 in a million.  Astonishingly enough, 95 percent of the  toxic agent producing the frightening pollution levels comes from  a colorless fluid called hydrazine, listed as a probable carcinogen by the EPA.  Investigation into the matter is continuing as worried residents await final results.

The prevalent issue is that individuals and families with children that reside in the area may have already been exposed to a carcinogen that could make them seriously ill or even kill them.   Should the EPA find that the risk is indeed there and that chemical plants are the culprit, those who were harmed could pursue a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for their injuries. If you or a family member has developed a devastating illness due to harmful plant emissions, contact us to discuss your personal injury case.  You could be entitled to monetary reparations that will pay from medical bills and protect your family’s financial future.

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