Raging Pitt Bull Bites Deputy and Traps Family Inside Home

Animal control officers were attempting to subdue and secure a pit bull when the dog lunged at a Riverside County Sheriff’s deputy that was attempting to assist. The animal latched onto the man’s arm and bit down shortly after the animal control had contained  him.  The attack occurred Monday morning in Woodcrest leaving Deputy Steve Trotta with several puncture wounds in his arm. They were eventually able to detach the animal.

Officials were called to capture the dangerous pit at around 7:30 a.m. when a family couldn’t leave their home on the 19700 block of Mariposa Avenue near Barton Street.  The brood was attempting to leave their homes when the dog approached and started behaving in a vicious manner.  The traumatized residents revealed that the dog belonged to a neighbor and had gotten loose before.

The story is troubling on many fronts.  One is that the neighbor had allowed his animal to run  unchecked while well aware of his pet’s bad temperament. Of course, the main point is the fear the pit bull instilled in the neighbors and the fact that the dog bit a peace officer.  To that end, the deputy may be able to seek personal injury litigation against the dog owner.  If you have also been bitten or otherwise harmed by an unruly animal due to the negligence of the pet owner, you could be entitled to compensation.  Call our law offices to discuss the case one-on-one with a reputable personal injury lawyer.  The consultation is free and you could very well receive financial damages for your injury.

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