Prescription Medicine May Have Caused Car Accident

A car accident occured  I-405 at Springdale St Thursday morning, where a minivan appeared to lose control, resulting in a spinout crash on the freeway. Authorities are investigating the cause of the car accident, which could have been prescription medicine. Though no other vehicles were involved, the minivan hit a tree on the right side of the freeway.

Police are suspect whether or not prescription medicine may have been involved in the accident. The driver did not suffer any direct boldily injuries, but the driver was hurt and required medical treatment.

According to California Highway Patrol ,the driver of the vehicle was initially unresponsive when rescued from the car accident. When authorities warrived on the scene, the driver was transporyed to Long Beacj Memorial Hospital for treatment. The driver was accompanied by ablood technician following the accident, which opens the possibiltiy that the driver may have been impaired in some way.

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