Pit Bull Attack and Mauls 17-month-old

A 17-month-old child has his face mauled by a  pit bull Tuesday morning in Redondo.  According to reports the incident occurred shortly after the child pulled the pit’s tail.  The dog turned around, grabbed the child by the face and mauled it.

The dog attack took place at around 9 a.m. in the 1000 block of Palos Verdes Boulevard in the family’s home.  The mother immediately called the police who went to the home and found the child with severe dog bites to the face, puncture wounds and a nick in the eye. Paramedics also located bite wounds on the infant’s forehead and cheek.  The boy was taken to the County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  Authorities took  the animal, which was still agitated when they found him, into an animal retention center and are investigating the incident.  There was no word on the baby’s condition at press time.

Many breeds of dog are  more aggressive  than others but some could be bred to be especially  vicious.  If the above family finds that the individual who sold them the dog knew it was bad tempered they could file a personal injury lawsuit against the person.  People who are bitten by dogs they do not know can do the same.  Has an unprovoked dog attack culminated in horrific and crippling injury?  Then call us today for a free case review to obtain the compensation you need for medical costs related to your dog attack incident.

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