Navy Seal Dies Wednesday in Perris Skydiving Accident

In a tragic Southern California parachuting accident, a Navy SEAL training to skydive was killed Wednesday near Perris, close to Riverside.  The fatal parachute jump was reported around 9:00 a.m., after the  Naval Special Warfare Group One skydiver went down in an area near Route 74.


The unfortunate skydiver died from injuries sustained in the failed jump.  His identity was not immediately released, pending notification of the family.  Californians know the Perris area as a location popular for skydiving; consequently, it is where many parachute accident deaths and injuries occur.


Although the Navy man killed in this skydiving accident was in training, a spokesperson stated that the skydiver was killed when his parachute malfunctioned.  An independent investigation could reveal which of a number of possible causes, from manufacturing defects to improper or negligent packing of the chute, were responsible for the death of this young sailor.  The jump originated from a facility known as Skydive Perris, which directed all questions to a military spokesperson.

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