Montana Plane Crash; 17 Dead as NTSB Investigates Causes

A small single-engine airplane carrying passgeners, the majority of them children on a ski trip crashed on Sunday in Butte, Montana. All 17 people onboard were killed as the plane approached the airport.  Neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the National Transportation Safety Board has released the cause of this tragic crash but their investigation continues.

The plane had left Oroville, California and was headed to Bozeman, Montana where the passengers were headed to a resort in Big Sky Montana. It is not clear why the pilot changed its route and was attempting to land in Butte.

Few reports have been made thatice may have played a part in the cause of this crash. Recently, ice has been a major contributor to causing commercial and small aircraft crashes. Other reports indicate that the small plane was carrying more passengers than the limit allowed.  It appears that the plane was designed for 10 passengers.

Some of the victims of this horrific plane crash were identified as follows:  Erin Jacobson, Amy Jacobson, Taylor Jacobson, age 4; Ava Jacobson, age 3; Jude Jacobson age 1; Michael Pullen, Vanessa Pullen, Sydney Pullen, age 9; Christopher Pullen, age 7; Brent Ching, Kristen Ching, Heiley Ching, age 5 and Caleb Ching age 3.  All passengers onboard from from California.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of this tragic plane crash.  This crash along with the recent FedEx plane crash in Tokyo remind us how fragile life really is.


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