Mattel Toy Recall – Lead Paint and Dangerous Magnets

Mattel, Inc. announced today that it would be recalling nearly 9 million toys that could have lead paint or magnets that are easily removable and can be swallowed by children. This news comes just two weeks after Fisher-Price, Inc. a division of Mattel announced the recall of nearly 1 million toys for using lead paint.

Lead paint
, if swallowed can be extremely harmful and have a devastating impact physically, mentally and emotionally on both children and adults.

The latest recall by Mattel includes: Pixar Cars Sarge, Barbie Doll and Tanner, and Mattel Playsets with Magnets.

If you have purchased any of these items, please remove them immediately from any area that children may have accessibility. If your child has been feeling ill after playing with any of these toys, you must seek immediate medical attention. Lead poisoning can often lead to permanent physical and mental disabilities.

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