Fight Fighters Dampen Blaze Started by Car Fire

A car fire which originated in the Castaic Lake area near Grapevine shut down I-5’s northbound lanes and ignited a 15 acre brush fire.  The fire was reported and received by the California Highway Patrol at around 11:18 a.m. from the motorist that owned the burning vehicle.  The automobile was lodged in the freeway’s center divider  with flames and smoke pouring from the engine.

A rogue spark from the burning auto set neighboring brush aflame on the northbound side of I-5 near Lake Hughes Road and raged for some 15 to 20 acres.  Firefighters were able to quickly subdue the flames, putting the fire out in less than thirty-minutes.

Such an incident could have  resulted in tremendous property damage, or worse, people could have been injured or killed.  Once the catalyst of the car fire is found, the responsible party will be held accountable for any damage the fire itself  caused.    There are several possible culprits.  If the engine simply burst into spontaneous flame, it could be a manufacturer’s defect and the car owner could pursue a product liability claim.  If it was caused by something the driver did and someone’s valuable property was scorched or damaged, the property owner could file a claim under property damage laws.  If you have been involved in a similar incident you could be entitled to compensation.   Contact our knowledgeable legal team and set up a free consultation.  Don’t second guess, know your rights.  Call now.

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