Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Elk Grove California on Grant Lane Road

The month of May 2008 is recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Unfortunately, we are once again reminded of the tragic reality that most drivers do not see or pay close enough attention to recognizing the motorcyclist on the roads. This morning at around 6:45am, another fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Elk Grove, California just south of Sacramento.

A driver of a Toyota Prius was attempting to turn onto Grant Lane Road from Sloughhouse Road. While he was waiting for traffic to clear before turning onto the road, the driver did not see the motorcycle on the road accelerated and went into the lane of traffic where he realized the motorcycle approaching. It was too late.

The CHP preliminary investigation noted that the driver of the Prius to be at fault for a right-of-way violation, failure to yield to oncoming traffic. The investigation however, is not finalized and will continue.

The motorcyclist was a 37-year-old Rancho Cordova man who was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

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