Family Sues in Mobark Product Liability Case

Rafael Jimenez was a man whose experience was more than adequate for his job as a tree trimmer; but the conclusion of an average April day on the job for Jimenez ended in death, when a piece of equipment seems to have dis functioned during the process of his work. As Jimenez attempted to feed the branches of a tree into a wood chipper product, his right hand was caught in the machinery , gradually pulling all but his feet and one hand into the steel blades of the wood chipper.

A recent development in this case has caused addition reason for concern, as his wife and four children have now sued the wood chipper product’s manufacturer, Mobark, claiming that the company was negligent in the safety features of their product. This case, which delves into legal issues of both product liability and personal injury, alleges that Mobark’s lacking safety features were a possible cause for injuries and deaths like Jimenez’s. In this product liability case, records show that the company has had between 150 and 180 injuries resulting from the use of their product with the last 20 years.

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