Coast Guard Makes Daring Nighttime Rescue after Carnival Cruise Passenger Suffers Serious Head Injury

A United States Coast Guard (USCG) M-H 60 Jayhawk helicopter had to make an immediate – albeit daring – nighttime medical evacuation 40-miles off the San Diego coast when according to reports, a passenger aboard a Carnival Cruise ship (Carnival Imagination) fell, hit her head and suffered a severe head injury.

At 9:30pm Thursday night, the Carnival Cruise ship had traveled only 40-miles west of the San Diego coast when the victim, a 69-year-old female passenger, suffered the head injury as result of her falling and striking her head on a rail in the ship’s bar area. Unfortunately for passengers aboard the Imagination, and especially this 69-year-old injury victim, the crew aboard the Imagination were not equipped to handle such an incredibly serious and potentially life threating offshore injury.

After realizing the head injury was severe and the victim’s wellbeing in jeopardy, the Imagination requested the assistance from the Sector San Diego USCG, who immediately launched the M-H 60 Coast Guard medivac rescue and recovery Jayhawk helicopter. While extremely experienced and incredibly trained in handling offshore accidents involving privately and commercially owned watercraft of all sizes, the nighttime rescue made for an amazingly adrenaline-fueled mission indeed.

The USCG crew aboard the Jayhawk reached the ship and hovered while Coast Guard officers secured the victim and extracted her from ship, and then made the return flight back to San Diego. The USCG Jayhawk landed on the North Harbor Drive ramp at around 11:45pm, not far from Lindberg Field, where emergency personnel were standing by. The injured victim was transported to the UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest for treatment. The female victim’s current condition is not known at this time.

According to Carnival Cruise Imagination website, the ship is one of many within Carnival Cruise’s “fantasy-class” ships. The Imagination departs Los Angeles, California every Thursday to embark upon a 3-day cruise and carries passengers on an ocean voyage destined for Mexico. She (the Imagination) also offers passengers 4-day cruises with departure from Los Angeles’ Long Beach on Sundays.


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