Cause of Chatsworth Metrolink Crash: Engineer Error – BREAKING NEWS

UPDATE: 9/13/2008 at 3:35pm
Death toll has been increased to 25

Deinse Tyrrell, spokeswoman for Metrolink says the probable cause for the Chatsworth Metrolink crash yesterday was a Metrolink Engineer’s error in failing to stop his train at a red light. Metrolink has been hiring its engineers from out outside company since 1998.

Metrolink has released the following statement:

“At this time, Metrolink’s preliminary investigation has revealed that yesterday’s incident may have been the result of human factors and/or the railroad signal system on Metrolink’s part. We will be working with the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) to complete a thorough investigation as to the exact cause of yesterday’s collision.


Railroad Investigator Wayne Workman will serve as Investigator-in-Charge and lead the NTSB team. NTSB Board Member Kitty Higgins will serve as principal spokesman during the on-scene investigation. Terry Williams will accompany the team as press officer.

All media inquiries regarding the investigation of the September 12th collision should be directed to Mr. Williams. He may be reached on his cell phone (202-557-1350).”

Stay posted for more updates soon.

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