Another Crosswalk Accident Death in San Francisco

sanfrancisco.pedestrianA 70-year-old woman, Jon Kong, was struck and killed while she was in a crosswalk in San Francisco. A driver of a white van was heading south on Ninth Avenue and was making a left turn to go Eastbound on Geary Boulevard when the collision occurred.

Witnesses say that Kong was in the yellow crosswalk and was struck by the white van twice before being thrown nearly 20 feet. Kong was immediately taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. Kong died a short while afterward.

This is the 23rd pedestrian death in San Francisco this year alone. While an investigation continues into the causes and factors of this crash, it is important to recognize that San Francisco is only 2nd to pedestrian fatalities in the country. New York has the highest. There are many unusual intersections here in San Francisco where pedestrians may be put into harms way.

If you have lost a loved one as a result of a crosswalk accident in San Francisco, visit our San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyers website for more information on your legal rights. An experienced law firm will conduct a complete and thorough investigation, preserve evidence and determine who was responsible and what factors played in causing the accident. If the intersection is deemed to be unsafe or dangerous, a claim against the city or county may be necessary. In California, there is a 6-month statute of limitations for government entity claims. Don’t jeopardize your rights.

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