3-year-old Fullerton Girl Mauled By Family’s Pit Bull

A girl who was injured by her own family’s dog was still in the hospital on Tuesday, one day following the pit bull dog bite. On the day of the accident, Monday, the 3-year-old girl went outside with her mother with intentions of feeding the dog, a pit bull. Before 7:45, after she and her mother took food outside to the do, the girl remained in the backyard of their home, alone with the dog. The pit bull was considered a pet and was chained, but somehow became angered and bit the girl, causing her extensive injuries. At the time, the girl’s older brother and father sat in the house watching TV, and came running outside after spotting the dog standing overtop of the 3-year-old girl. The 4-year-old pit bull, aged 4 and named “Fly,” has been handed over to animal services for euthanization.

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