10 Residents Escape Anaheim Fire

A fire broke out at 715 ½ N. Anaheim Blvd Apartments at around 3: 20 a.m this morning.  The blaze engulfed a multi-unit complex and displaced 10 residents. At press time there were no reported burn injuries.  The building houses two bedroom apartment units as well as a handful of businesses, including a video store, photography studio and a barber shop.  Propane gas bottles were also stored in the rear of the complex adding fuel to the fire and making the blaze hard to control. The fact that the units were so close together also made it difficult to contain the flames in time to save any individual apartments.

Thick plumes of black smoke could be seen for miles and when the fire was finally put out the building was in ruins, prompting firefighters to declare it as a knock down 45 minutes later.

The calamity not only destroyed homes, it destroyed the hopes and dreams of the ten residents who survived the fire. When all is said and done someone will have to answer for the  ensuing property damage and loss of resident belongings. A qualified personal injury lawyer can get you headed in the right direction  after such an accident and may have the tools at their disposal to get at the heart of the matter through investigation. If you have lost your home or suffered burn injuries due to a fire caused by negligence, take advantage of your right to pursue litigation by hiring a qualified personal injury attorney.

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