1 Dead & 2 Injured after Fiery Collision in Northridge Community

The Northridge intersection of Lassen & Hayvenhurst was the scene of a horrific two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning involving an Enterprise Commercial delivery truck and a Nissan Xterra SUV. Although the identities of the victims had not yet been released, we were able to learn that the traffic accident left one dead, one suffering serious injuries and taken to an area hospital and another victim being treated and released at the scene.

The accident happened on the 16600 block of Lassen at around 10:26am Tuesday. Witnesses said the Nissan Xterra had been traveling south on Hayvenhurst as it approached a red light at the Hayvenhurst & Lassen intersection and apparently proceeded to drive across Lassen.

Unfortunately, the delivery truck was passing through a green light on Lassen at the same exact time.

The initial impact of the truck – vs – SUV collision caused the Xterra to be pushed by the delivery truck and sent both vehicles sliding through the intersection until crashing into an iron fence near the gate of a Northridge resident’s property.

Both the Xterra and the delivery truck violently burned in a fiery inferno until being extinguished by members of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Investigating the cause of Traffic Accidents

Police are investigating the Northridge truck – vs – SUV crash to determine what might have caused the fiery accident which claimed the life of one of the three victims and injured the other two. Anytime a traffic accident involves a commercial truck there can be a great deal of financial responsibilities on the part of the trucking company as well as their insurance company in the event the accident resulted in an injury or wrongful death.

However, in this particular incident, if witnesses are correct, the driver of the Nissan Xterra running the red light at the Hayvenhurst & Lassen intersection played a pivotal role in the traffic accident occurring. If this proves to be the case, the driver and his/her insurance company could be held financially responsible for victims’ medical treatment, replacing the destroyed delivery truck as well as the fence and any other property damage suffered by the Northridge resident as a result of the traffic crash and ensuing fire.

Recovering Damages after an Auto Accident

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