St. Jude Medical Device Lawsuit Client Information Page

UPDATE: 1/25/2014 – California Federal Court – Defendant’s motion to dismiss:  DENIED

As the litigation against St. Jude Medical, Inc. moves forward regarding their defective heart devices, we have set up this page to provide our clients with the latest information and updates as we get them.   If you or a loved one has a St. Jude Medical device implanted or has been injured by a St. Jude heart device, here are a few important things that you should do:

  1. Immediately consult with your doctor regarding the make/model and condition of your device and leads;
  2. Immediately consult with a law firm that is handling St. Jude Medical device cases;
  3. Do not speak with representatives of St. Jude Medical without first speaking with an attorney about your legal rights;
  4. Do not allow representatives of St. Jude Medical to obtain any device that is removed – this is evidence and must be preserved (speak with a lawyer about what you need to do)

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